50 Random Facts About Me

To learn a little bit more about me here are 50 random facts about me 🙂


  1. I’m 18 years old
  2. When I was little I wanted to be a professional Ballerina
  3. The first concert I ever went to was One Direction
  4. My favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird – the only book I ever truly read
  5. Cinderella is my favorite Disney Princess
  6. I’m from Chicago
  7. I love the Blackhawks
  8. I love playing board games
  9. I plan every week with stickers and washi tape
  10. I’m a White Sox fan, although I am happy for the Cubs
  11. My favorite movie is Mean Girls – I literally know every line
  12. I really like pizza, and we have the best pizza here in Chicago
  13. Christmas is my favorite holiday
  14. Lizzie McGuire was my favorite growing up
  15. I would like to get a few tattoos – don’t know if it’ll actually happen though
  16. I love quotes
  17. If my room is too messy I will avoid it and I wont even sleep in it
  18. I danced for 13 years
  19. My 18th Birthday was on Memorial Day
  20. I’m currently in the middle of bingeing 9 shows on Netflix
  21. I watch a lot of YouTube
  22. I love donuts
  23. I don’t like roller coasters
  24. I love music and finding new songs
  25. At one point I wanted to be an Interior Designer
  26. I have a little Yorke Poo named Vivian
  27. She’s named after Vivian from Gone With The Wind & Dirty Dancing – my mom’s two favorite movies
  28. I’ve always wanted to start blogging
  29. I’m always cold.. I always have a blanket by me
  30. I really only like Vanilla Ice Cream (I know I’m basic lol)
  31. I have two younger sisters
  32. Shopping is more than just cardio it’s also my therapy
  33. I totally believe in Karma
  34. I don’t like heights
  35. My socks never match each other
  36. I love the City!
  37. I would love to go on a cross-country road trip
  38. I don’t like drinking coffee but I love the smell
  39. I don’t drink tea either
  40. Hillary Duff is till my idol
  41. I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate
  42. I LOVE Grey’s anatomy
  43. I Love Twenty One Pilots
  44. My favorite/lucky number is 10
  45. My favorite color is pink
  46. I Know every line to Dirty Dancing
  47. I’m 5’10”
  48. I’m a Gemini
  49. I over use the word sorry
  50. My favorite quote is “They told me I couldn’t  That’s why I did”


♡Brianna Lynn

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