February Obsessions

Here is what I was obsessed with this month!



↠Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundations • I got these to put into my kit. So far I have been loving these! I used these for all the turn a bout dances the past two weekends and the fashion show this past weekend, as well as a few other things here and there. I love the coverage and how long they last!

↠Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Blushing Bride • I bought this about a week ago and used it all last weekend. I love the color and how it looks beautiful on every skin tone. So far it hasn’t given me any trouble and blends beautifully.

↠Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Golden Light • This is a holy grail of mine! This was the first bronzer I ever had. This is my favorite bronzer and I always end up going back and buying this because nothing compares to this. I love the way this looks on my skin and it blends beautifully.

↠House of Lashes Eyelash Glue • My friend told me about this and said that it was the best lash glue she has tried yet. I bought it and I love it! My lashes don’t come off all day.

↠Brow Gel • I’ve been trying out all different Brow Gels this month. I have been doing a more natural brow day-to-day and have just been wearing Brow Gel. I’ve tried drug store and high-end all month and I honestly can’t decide which one I like best. Maybe next month I will have a specific one to talk about.

↠Viseart 01 Muse Nudes Lip Palette • I got this at the Makeup Show Chicago last year for my kit, and recently I have found it so helpful! I Love the colors in it and how they apply so beautifully. I used these colors so much for the turn a bout dances and every girl looked stunning!

↠Crown Brushes • OMG I LOVE THESE!! I have had a few of these here and there over the past few years and recently bought a bunch of these for my kit. I love these brushes they are my favorites! I do have a few for my personal brushes. Everyone I use these brushes on have nothing but good things to say. They are so nice, super soft, and last a while.


Sephora Haul.3.PNG

↠Clinique Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturizer • I was told by a friend that this was amazing so I got a sample size of it and I have been Loving it so far! I will update you guys if anything changes!

↠Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream • I have been looking for a cheaper alternative for the Bobbi Brown Eye Cream, just as moisturizing and brightening. So far I have been loving this and even though I love Bobbi Brown and her skin care is absolutely incredible, I needed something that wasn’t as expensive and I think I may have found just that.

↠Sephora Masks • I LOVE these!! I have very sensitive skin and these never break me out or give me any type of allergic reaction. I used the Green Tea and Rose Sheet Masks this time.

↠Glam Glow Super Mud Mask • I got a sample size of this and I know everyone raves about this product, so I had to get it and try it out. I like it a lot! I love the way it made my skin feel and look! I will definitely be buying the full size of this!


↠I have been obsessed this month with trying to get my hair to that perfect wavy curl. I wouldn’t say beach ways but more of a looser curl/wave. Kind of how it is in the picture below. As well as trying out new hairstyles. If anyone has any tips or new hairstyles please send them to me!


♡Brianna Lynn


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