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Spring Break: Beach & Pool Essentials

Hey Everyone! I’m on Spring Break so I decided to share with you my beach & pool-side essentials! I’m going to be sharing my outfits and other Spring break related things throughout this week.


↠A Book • I’m currently reading Lauren Graham’s Talking as fast as I can • I love Gilmore Girls so this is the perfect book for me!

↠Flip Flops • These are essential! • Or any other type of slip on shoe, so it’s easy and you’re good shoes or gym shoes don’t get ruined by all the sand and water.

↠A Hat • Today I used my sun visor that I had got here years ago • Other days I wear my large sun hat

↠Phone • I always have my phone for music • My phone got sunscreen on it, that’s why it looks a bit greasy

↠A Small Bag • In here I keep headphones, hair ties, a headband, SPF lip balm, Sunscreen (SPF 30), and some mints for after I eat

↠Sunglasses • I have Blue Eyes, so these are definitely a must for me!

↠A Cover Up • If you’re staying at a hotel you’ll need one of these for when you have to go through the lobby

↠A Towel • Weather you’re at the beach or pool this is definitely a must! • And if you’re lucky your hotel will provide them for you, like mine!

♡Brianna Lynn

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