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Spring Break: Outfits

Hey Everyone! Recently I was on Spring Break and I thought I’d share with you all of my outfits! We didn’t go out every night so I don’t have many outfits to share. If you’d like to know the details then keep on reading!


↠Outfit #1


➝This night we went to a Seaside Seafood Restaurant

⤷Shirt: American Eagle

⤷Jean Skirt: American Eagle

⤷Shoes: Steve Madden Sandals

⤷Necklaces: Dry Goods (It came together in3, but the third chain broke off)

⤷Liquid Lipstick: Too Faced Queen B

⤷Curling Iron: Hot Tools (We put a slight wave in my hair. Although, the Florida humidity got to my hair first and the curls didn’t last very long)

↠Outfit #2


➝This day I went Golfing with my dad! This course was BEAUTIFUL! It was no Maui, But it was definitely the next best thing!

⤷Shirt: Callaway

⤷Skirt: I’m actually not sure, I got it a bit ago at a huge golf store.

⤷Shoes: Nike

⤷Glove: Callaway

⤷Hat: I got this at the course we played at in Maui last year!

↠Outfit #3


➝This night we went to another Seaside Seafood Restaurant

⤷Bralette top: I can’t remember if I got this from PINK or Arie

⤷Pants: I don’t have a full body picture, but the pants are a stretchy (Not Leggings) Black & White print from PINK (I had gotten this outfit for Maui last year, and then never wore it.)

⤷Curling Iron: Bio Ionic (These curls lasted a bit longer)

⤷Lipstick: Bite beauty Blood Orange 

↠Outfit #4


➝I thought I’d share with you all this super cute cover up I got (Please excuse my squinty eyes. It was really bright out and I have blue eyes)

⤷Cover Up: Old Navy (For like $10!!)

⤷Bikini: I got this one in Maui last year and i’m not sure of the brand, Sorry!

↠Outfit #5



➝I wore this around Franklin, TN

⤷Jean Dress: Old Navy

⤷White Converse

⤷Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

⤷Liquid Lipstick: Too faced Queen B

⤷Flat Iron: Bio ionic


♡Brianna Lynn

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