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Hey everyone! So today I’ve decided to share you my skin care routine! I love seeing what others use and how they use them. I’ve just recently found my routine, It took me a while because I couldn’t find the right products for my skin type. I hope you guys love this and maybe even helps a few of you!


My skin type is Dry and Sensitive. It’s very hard for me to find products that work well with my skin, because they could be working great one day and the next I could have a major break out. I used to think I had combo skin, but I quickly learned this winter that that is not true. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong and why my skin wasn’t staying hydrated. I’m so thankful for the skincare lady at Sephora for helping me! She helped me find these amazing products that have been working wonders for my skin.



The first thing I do in the morning is workout. So the first thing I do after I workout is shower. And everyday I wash my face and exfoliate. I’m such a morning person so for me waking up early and working out and showering all before 9am doesn’t bug me that much. Unless I’ve been up really late the night before. Here are the products I use and how I use them!

➝Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash⋮This has been a staple in life since I started using face wash years ago. I also love the Pink Grapefruit one. I used the Cetaphil cleanser for a very long time. I just wasn’t liking the way it was making my skin feel, so I went back to my original favorite!

➝Origins Clear Improvement & Modern Friction⋮Origins was kind enough to send these to me! I am so grateful for this and I have been using these since I received them! I love them both! My sister has tried them as well, and has said nothing but positive things! I will update you guys as I try these products out more.

These next products are the ones I use after my shower.

➝First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads⋮I first tried these about a year ago, and I wasn’t to sure if I liked them. But I’ve decided to give them another try and I’ve been loving them! They are alcohol-free which I love because it makes them perfect for my sensitive skin!

➝Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream⋮I absolutely love this! I’ve always used Bobbi Brown, because that is what my mom loves. And I still love Bobbi Brown it just wasn’t the right face creams for me. This product is amazing and I have seen so many YouTubers and Bloggers rave about this product! So worth trying!

➝Origins Eye doctor⋮BEST UNDER EYE HYDRATING CREAM EVER!! I’m not kidding this eye cream is amazing! I’ve used other Origins eye creams, but this one SAVED my under eyes. No joke. I had the worst, driest, horrible under eyes ever. And since using this my skin looks so much healthier!

➝Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil⋮Surprise! I love this too! I apply it under my eyes and on any dryer areas of my skin. If you have not Drunk Elephant Skincare you definitely need to! They have amazing products!



My nighttime routine is pretty similar to my morning routine just a few differences.

➝Garner Micellar Cleansing Water⋮I use the Blue bottle, as it gets off waterproof makeup. I’ve been using waterproof mascara now for a bit, and this product is absolutely amazing. I put some on a cotton round and take my makeup off that way.

After that I typically do the same as my morning routine. Except I do not exfoliate at night. And after all that I do a spot treatment.



➝Mario Badescu Drying Lotion⋮I was hesitant about using this, I wasn’t sure if it was going to work as good as everyone had said it does. The first night I tried it, I put it on my pimples and went to bed. And when I woke up some of my problem spots were gone and some were reduced in size. The results are amazing, and everyone needs to try it out!

That is it for my skincare routine! I hope this helped a few of you and you decide to go out and try a few of these products!


♡Brianna Lynn

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