Hey everyone! I always love seeing others empties, what they used up and would they repurchase it. So I decided to give it a try today! These are all products that I’ve used up. To find out if I loved it or hated it you’ll have to keep on reading!

P.S. You might want to grab a snack or two, because this is a long list!


➝Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream⋮This used to be my go to moisturizer. I have a friend that works at Ulta, and she told me that some of the ingredients in this moisturizer harm your skin. I immediately stopped using this product after finding this out, as I want only the best products for my skin.

⤷Will I buy it again? No

➝Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye and Face Cream⋮This was the first high end cream I had ever bought and used. I do love this, although it just isn’t for my skin type. Like I’ve said before I have dry and very sensitive skin, and I noticed that it started to feel like it was drying out my skin. However, my mom uses both and loves them! She refuses to use anything else.

⤷Will I buy it again? If my skin type ever changes

➝Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Eye and Face Cream⋮OMG is that name a mouthful. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this product. I didn’t notice any changes, and the scent was very strong. It kind of reminds me of a grandma perfume scent. There are better products out there.

⤷Would I buy it again? Nope

➝Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Créme⋮I really like this product. I think I went through two of them. I definitely noticed that it was hydrating and lifting. This was definitely one of the best eye creams that I’ve tried out.

⤷Would I buy again? Yes


➝Estée Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer⋮I liked this product. But only with the Double Wear foundation. I found that with any other foundation it just didn’t work as well. However, when I did use this primer with the Double Wear foundation my skin looked flawless. And It helped keep my face on and non-greasy the whole day.

⤷Would I buy it again⋮If I was using the Double Wear foundation again

➝Benefit POREfessional⋮This is by far the best pore filling primer I’ve used, but if you pay any attention to any beauty gurus you already knew that. This is one of the most hyped up products, and I’m here to tell you it is so worth the money. Even the travel size lasts a while.

⤷Would I buy it again? Of Course!

➝Benefit “That Gal”⋮This is a brightening primer, and I thought it worked really well. I personally loved this product. I liked the scent of it as well, however I know it doesn’t work for some because it could be too strong for them. I thought this product worked and truly did brighten my skin, and also helped to keep it on all day long.

⤷Would I buy it again? If I ever run out of the millions of primers I have now

➝MAC Paint Pot in Painterly⋮This was THE PRODUCT to have a few years ago. Every beauty guru and their mothers were talking about it. I personally loved this! I actually plan on buying a bunch of these soon, in different shades of course. It really did keep my shadows on all day without creasing.

⤷Would I buy it again? OMG YES!!


➝Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation⋮Considering I have three of these in this box, I love this foundation! The best lightweight sheer-medium coverage foundation I’ve tried! I have nothing but good things to say about this product! This is my favorite to wear in the Summertime.

⤷Would I buy it again? Is this even a question?

➝Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation⋮OMG this was my go-to foundation for like a year and a half. I couldn’t stop wearing this. I thought it was the BEST foundation I’ve ever tried, and I would never find anything better. Although, after a while I noticed it was kind of cakey, and it would make me break out a lot.

⤷Would I buy it again? Maybe


➝Stila Stay All Day Concealer⋮There is literally nothing left in the pan. Not a drop. I do like this product a lot! It was super creamy and easy to blend. And also beautiful coverage! It comes in a pan, so it is not a liquid. Honestly, it’s not available anymore, so I’m not to sure how long this was in the bottom of this box.

⤷Would I buy it again? If it was still available

➝Cover FX Cream Concealer⋮I was told by a Sephora worker that this would work amazing with my skin and look amazing. Sadly it was not. In my opinion it was way more thick than creamy. It was super full coverage, kind of cakey, and honestly just way to heavy for me.

⤷Would I buy it again? Definitely not

➝Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer⋮I’ve definitely gone through a ton of these. I believe this was the first concealer I ever used. Meaning I would take it out of my mom’s makeup bag and put some on. I love this! I love using this product on women, especially if you have older and more mature skin!

⤷Would I buy it again? Yup

➝Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Concealer⋮If you’ve been following me for a while now, you’ve definitely heard me talk about this! This concealer is amazing! It is a liquid formula, and glides on and blends beautifully. I have nothing but good things to say about this product!

⤷Would I buy it again? It’s in my cart right now


➝Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in Translucent⋮ If you haven’t heard about this product, then you have been living under a rock?? I feel like everyone has tried this. I had a love hate relationship with this product for a while. But once I got my skincare under control I started to love it!

⤷Would I buy it again? I have like three back ups already

➝Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder⋮I absolutely love this! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you know that I’m a fan of Bobbi Brown and all her products. This is just another amazing product she’s created. I highly recommend this product if you haven’t tried it!

⤷Would I buy it again? Umm Duh!

➝NARS Bronzer in Laguna⋮Everyone raves about this product so I decided to give it a try. It’s not my favorite. Truth be told it kind of comes out patchy and it’s not the smoothest bronzer in world. There is definitely better bronzers out there.

⤷Would I buy it again? As If!

➝Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Glisten⋮I love Tarte Blushes, they are my absolute favorite! They glide on with a breeze, and the color range is stunning! This one is my favorite shade of all time. It’s a peachy color with a golden tint.

⤷Would I buy it again? I already have another on the way!

➝Bobbi Brown Blush in Peony⋮Surprise! Another Bobbi Brown product. But I mean what did you except I did say she’s my favorite Artist. This blush is absolutely stunning on everyone! And beautiful to wear if you love Pinky Pink blushes.

⤷Would I buy it again? Definitely


➝Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara⋮This used to be my favorite mascara. But after a while I noticed it started to flake and not hold a curl as long as it says it will. After trying the new L’oreal mascara, this is no longer my favorite, let alone even on my radar. The new L’oreal one is the BEST mascara out there and way cheaper!

⤷Would I buy it again? Nah

➝Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow⋮Yet again another hyped product. The difference here is that I absolutely love this product! I have multiple in multiple shades. You cannot have a heavy hand with this product, or else you’ll end up with block brows.

⤷Would I buy it again? Fo Sho



If You’ve made it this far congrats!! Comment down below if you’ve tried any of these products, and what you’re thoughts are on them!

♡Brianna Lynn

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