BTS: Monochromatic Looks

Hey everyone!

Sorry It has taken me so long to get this out. I have a bit of a cold, and I’ve been rewatching The Vampire Diaries. If you’ve seen the show then you completely understand why the Salvatore brothers have been taking over my life..yet again. Lol!

Anyways, I recently had an idea to do a bunch of monochromatic looks. I decided to bring those ideas to life this past Saturday!  I want to give a huge shoutout and thank you to my wonderful and stunning cousin and friends for helping me make an idea into a reality!! I cannot thank all of you enough, much love ❤️❤️ I created all these looks myself with some inspo that I cut out from magazines. I also took all the pictures myself. We have a beautiful Greenhouse/Garden/Park near us so I decided to take the pictures there. Without further ado here are the details and some BTS from the day!


My inspo for creating these looks was basically the internet and magazines. I wanted to create something and not just take ideas or recreate looks from others. So I cut out pictures from magazines, of dresses and fabrics and all things other than makeup looks. Grouped them by color and then chose the ones I wanted to create a look with. Then, I just started brainstorming ideas to what I wanted to do by writing them down, and eventually creating a face chart.


FullSizeRender 13


I had 5 models. One was my beautiful cousin and then I had four also beautiful friends to help me turn these ideas on paper into a reality. I gave each of them a color, and then went on the plan even more. If you haven’t caught on by now, I’m a planner addict, I plan anything and everything.

➝Makayla⋮I gave her the pink look! Pink is my favorite color so of course this was going to make the cut! I used pink mascara to be a little extra of course! And the gloss I put on her, OMG I’ve definitely talked about it before It’s the best!

➝Allie⋮I gave her the red look! I had the gem idea from a picture of a shoe. Of all things a shoe, I know kind of weird. But this shoe stood out to me and was beautiful, so therefor it inspired the whole look.

➝Abby⋮I gave her the blue look! Not even going to lie, this look was kind of mermaid inspired. I was looking at pictures of mermaid tails and somehow glitter lips came into play!

➝Hannah⋮I gave her the purple look! I loved this look and the flower crown idea that really inspired the whole look. Hannah to me was the perfect person to give this look to!

➝Hailey⋮I gave her the green look! It’s no secret that green smokey eyes are absolutely beautiful and that I love them! I wanted to do that but put a spin on the face, by using the dark green to contour anywhere that you normally would.


Like I said in the intro we have a beautiful Greenhouse/Garden/Park near us. A lot of weddings happen here each year, and so many take pictures here. So I thought it would be the perfect spot to take some pictures! It definitely was, and I will for sure be taking advantage of having such a perfect place near me in the future. We used a few different locations to take the pictures. I honestly can’t pick a favorite spot, because I have favorite pictures from different locations. You should be sure to follow me on Instagram where I do BTS live updates, so you can get a sneak peak before anyone else! Here are a few BTS pictures from Saturday!








Here are some of the actual pictures from the day!







That was my big project that I was working on. I have some other ideas for the future and cannot wait to share them with you all! comment down below and tell me which look was your favorite!

♡Brianna Lynn

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