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Chicago: My Favorite Spots To Eat

Hey everyone!

OMG. Has it been a busy few weeks, and this week is no different. I’m currently writing this on my train ride into the city. Haha! I’m headed into the city for yet another business meeting. I’m hoping to upload everyday the rest of the week! I have some fun things planned to share with you guys!

I decided to share with you all my favorite spots to eat when I’m in the city! Everything from breakfast to lunch to dinner and even dessert! Keep on reading if you want to find out my favorite spots, and maybe even find your new favorite spots!


➝Stan’s Donuts⋮OML. Weather you live in the Chicagoland area or if you’re just visiting on Vacay you need to try a Stan’s Donut. It will change your life! Especially if you’re a donut lover like me!!

➝Wildberry⋮Again you will pee yourself, that’s how good the food is! Lol! If you can’t tell breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! I’m a morning person and I eat pretty much as soon as I get up! But for real though, amazing food! You can’t go wrong!

➝Doughnut Vault⋮Let’s be real here, if you have watched the Food Network at some point you’ve probably heard of this place! I’m telling you guys these are the best donuts you will ever eat. You’ll never want to go back to Dunkin again. (Unless you’re a crazy donut lover like me, then any donut will do lmao)

➝Krispy Kreme⋮Oh come on, you had to know this one was coming! I believe there is one in the city still, if not there’s a few in the suburbs. And I know what you are all thinking right now, Brianna there’s Krispy Kreme’s all over the place. Yes I know but I’m just giving my fellow donut lovers another delicious option.


(I mixed these two because most can go for both!)

➝Grand Lux Cafe⋮I once had an Uber driver tell me there’s this one celeb who goes there all the time. But for the life of me I cannot remember his name! But my favorite thing to get here is the baked mac and cheese skillet (you can get bacon added on too!). And a giant plate of fries! And the plus is that it’s on the big girl menu, so if your like me 19, and still order off the kids menu you won’t be made fun of this time!

➝Italian Village⋮OML. This is my favorite Italian restaurant. No joke, hands down the best food EVER!! It’s upstairs in this kind of tiny, dim lit space. I normally get the spaghetti or the chicken Alfredo, both equally delicious! If you can only go to one place I highly recommend this place. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been here!

➝Portillo’s Hot Dogs⋮Trust me on this one. If you haven’t ever tried a hot dog from here you are missing out! If you’re going through the drive through be prepared to wait a bit, as this is a very popular place. Also their chocolate cake is the bomb!

➝Gino’s East⋮Best Pizza in all of Chicago in my opinion!! They have thin and deep dish and both are mouth watering delicious! There’s pictures on the walls of all the celebs that have been there! They have other food too, if you’re not a fan of pizza (gasp!) I don’t know how you couldn’t be?!

➝Giordano’s⋮Also amazing food and pizza! I’ve gone here a lot too, more when I was younger. I always got the mosticolli. And then had some of the pizza my parents got as well! This is also a popular spot, so there’s almost always a wait. I can’t remember if they take reservations or not, but I don’t think they do on the weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

➝To be honest when I’m in the city and I need to go grab a quick lunch I usually grab Jimmy John’s, Panera, or Noodles and Company! All classics in their own ways. And delicious!


➝Margies Candies⋮I actually heard about this place through Facebook, of all places. It’s pretty good! Very old fashioned. Their Sundae’s are gigantic, but absolutely delicious! It kind of reminded me of this place down in Nashville!

➝Cheesecake Factory⋮This is a classic and not just for their cheesecake! I’m not much of a cheesecake kinda of girl but whatever kind of ice cream they use is perfect! Haha! However, my sisters and parents LOVE their cheesecake!

➝Magnolia Bakery⋮OMG. Absolutely delicious!! I can’t even just pick one item. They have like everything. And it’s all perfect! You should be able to find something you love here!

➝Sprinkles Cupcakes⋮I don’t even have words to explain this place! Weather you grab some (or just a cupcake) fresh from inside or from the vending machine outside, you won’t regret it! The ones inside the vending machine are so fresh..I can’t even right now. This is my go to because I love Red Velvet cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting so much!! (Definitely not as much as donuts though hahaha!!)

➝And any Donut shop I talked about as well, however I recommend going there in the morning so they are fresh, and they aren’t out!


I promise all of these places have delicious food you won’t regret eating! If you’ve been to or go to any of these places tell me what’s your favorite thing there!

♡Brianna Lynn

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