Fall Look Book

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day! I have been waiting to post this for weeks now! I was never one for fall, but recently I am living for fall! I don’t know what changed, but I’m not going to question it too much! I love going on others blogs, or going onto YouTube and seeing others look books. So I decided I would start doing them myself! I had some much fun choosing which outfits to include!

So without further ado here is my Fall Look Book! (If I can find them I will link it in!)





➝Dress ⋮ American Eagle

➝Shoes ⋮ Toms 

➝Necklace ⋮ Tiffany’s

➝Ring ⋮ Pandora (I believe, I can’t remember, it was a gift.)

➝Earrings ⋮ Pandora

➝Nail Polish ⋮ OPI No-Chip in The Thrill of Brazil





➝Long Sleeve ⋮ Soprano (I couldn’t find the link, however they always have them at Nordstroms)

➝Faux Fur Vest ⋮ J.O.A.

➝Jeans ⋮ American Eagle 

➝Shoes ⋮ Toms

➝Jewelry ⋮ Same





➝Sweater ⋮ Abercombie & Fitch

➝Jeans ⋮ American Eagle

➝Shoes ⋮ Toms

➝Jewelry ⋮ Same





➝Tank ⋮ Soprano

➝Sweater ⋮ BCBG Generation

➝Leather Jacket ⋮ Express

➝Jeans ⋮ American Eagle 

➝Shoes ⋮ Toms

➝Jewelry ⋮ Same


I’m sorry for any red eyes, when I tried to get rid of them it wouldn’t work lol!

Comment down below which look is your favorite! Photography: Peyton Whalen


♡Brianna Lynn

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