Fall Must Haves

Hey Everybody!

Happy Thursday! Sorry I did not get this up yesterday. I had gotten home later from work, and I’m not going to lie I totally took a nap. I’ve been trying out some new products the past new days, so I will have a post up on those soon! Also, I’m getting the last things in order for the Halloween looks! I’m so excited to share this looks with you all! Be sure to keep a lookout on my Instagram! Also, it is 93 here today! OMG. 93 degrees in September in Chicago, this is crazy and way too hot for this time of year!

Okay so I know it’s not technically Fall yet but, I wanted to share with all of you my Fall must haves! Everything from food, to clothes, to home decor! I’ve never really been one for fall, but this year I’ve really been getting into it! So without further ado here are all of my Fall must haves!


It’s comfort food season!!! I’m such a comfort food lover (but definitely the most picky eater you will ever meet). LOL anyways, here are my favorites, it was so hard to narrow this list down.

➝Chili and Cheese ⋮ I’m not kidding when I saw I can eat the whole by myself. This is my favorite snack/meal EVER.

⤷RECIPE: A can of chili and some velveta Yes that simple.

➝Mac and Cheese ⋮ There are so many different ways to make this. I’m 19 and I still order off the kids menu, and this is what I always get (next to chicken tenders).

⤷RECIPE: Honestly there are so many but heres a link to this one on Pinterest, it looks so good!

➝Pizza ⋮ Honestly this is just comfort food year round for me lol!

⤷RECIPE: Again, its just based on what you like, but here’s another cool recipe from Pinterest.

➝Apple Pie ⋮ This is the only pie I will eat, and with some Ice Cream to top it off!

⤷RECIPE: I use this one!

➝Turkey Meatball Soup ⋮ My mom makes this and it’s the best! We just had it tonight! Something about soup makes me think of fall.

⤷RECIPE: I believe this is the same as the one my mom uses!


➝Check out my Fall Look Book here for all of my Fall Clothing must haves!


➝Lights ⋮ Having lights strung up around your room is so Tumblr, but also gives you that warm and cozy feeling. In October I hang Candy Corn lights!

➝Light up Pumpkins ⋮ I have one in my room, and both my sisters have one too! They are so cute for Halloween!

➝Fall Pillows ⋮ I recently got this super cute Lashes one from Nordstrom Rack..I’m obsessed!


➝Violet Voss Pro Holy Grail ⋮ OMG. If you’ve been following me for a while you know that this is literally my holy grail palette! This is for sure a must have!

➝Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette ⋮ Another beautiful palette perfect for Fall! If you’re a beauty guru and you don’t have this palette yet, you have to! You will not regret it!

➝Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Lipstick ⋮ This is like a dusty or baked rose color. It’s absolutely a stunning color for Fall!

➝NARS Lipstick in Fanny ⋮ This is more of a purple berry color. One of my favorites! I wear this color all Fall, I seriously can’t get enough!

➝Stila Lipstick in Sonya ⋮ This is a bit more bright and red than the Marc Jacob, but still beautiful!

➝NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen(I believe, the sticker ripped off) ⋮ I love this color for vampy looks!

➝NARS Lipstick in Cruella ⋮ This is my favorite red lip I own! To me it’s the perfect red, and you can never go wrong with a red lip!


➝Halloween Town Series ⋮ I love all 4 movies, even though the last one isn’t the same Marnie. You can’t go wrong having a movie night with these.

➝A Walk To Remember ⋮ As sad as this movie is, it’s a classic! You can never go wrong with a Nicholas Sparks book/movie.

➝Dead Poets Society ⋮ Robbin Williams was amazing in this film! Always a must watch classic.

➝When Harry Met Sally ⋮ This is one of my moms favorite movies! And Autumn in Central Park with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal..sign me up!

➝Good Will Hunting ⋮ If you have never seen this movie, this Fall is the perfect time! I love this movie, it’s one of my favorites!

➝You’ve Got Mail ⋮ Another one of my mom’s favorites! And another one based on NYC in the Fall.

➝Remember The Titans ⋮ Football, football and more football. Basically this movie is Fall AF.

➝Hocus Pocus ⋮ A classic Halloween movie!

➝The Blind side ⋮ Football! An amazing true story based movie.


That’s all I have! Can you tell I love fall movies and movies in general? What’s your fall must have, let me know!


♡Brianna Lynn

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