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Half Pumpkin Halloween Makeup

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday the 13th! I’m definitely spooked by today, anyone else? I woke up around 8am today; and when I was scrolling through my Instagram I saw a few of these makeups. I decided to give it a try, and show everyone my interoperation of it! I took my time on this, and had a few dance/singing breaks of course, it took me maybe an hour and a half – two hours. Kind of long, but I didn’t have anything else to do! I forgot to eat breakfast I was so excited, which is not like I am a breakfast person! I really hope you guys love this as much as I do! So without further ado here are the details:

Half Pumpkin.4.jpg


➝I did my normal face makeup routine ⋮ If you want to know those details check out any of my other makeup posts, like this one!

➝Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette ⋮ I used these shades to create a smokey eye!

⤷Creamscicle & Butter ⋮ As the transition shades

⤷Hunts ⋮ As the main crease shade. I also blended this onto the outer lid area.

⤷Jacz ⋮ To deepen it further! I kept adding and blending for a long time, until it was dark enough for me.

⤷Leftover Jacz ⋮ I swept this on my lower lash line!

➝Nyx brow pomade & ABH Clear Brow Gel ⋮ to get my Brow on point

Half Pumpkin.2.jpg


➝NYX Lip Liner (forgive me I cannot find it, nor remember the name) ⋮ To trace it all out

➝Elmers Glue & RCMA No-Color Powder ⋮ To block out my brows. I’m not the best at this yet, but practice makes perfect!

➝Make Up For Ever Flash Palette ⋮ This is what I used for all the Oranges, Yellows, Browns, and Blacks.

⤷I started out by painting my face orange, then took a damp Beauty Blender to blend it all out.

⤷I then went on to do the brown stripes. This part took me the longest, because I couldn’t find the right balance (that I liked) for a long time.

⤷Next I added in the yellow highlights, and blended them out.

⤷I then went on the blend out the brown edges.

⤷Last but not least, I added the black. this was the hardest part for me. The triangle part at least. I found it hard to draw straight lines.

Half Pumpkin.3.jpg

That’s it! Let me know if you have any questions! I’d be happy to answer them the best I can 🙂


♡Brianna Lynn

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