Fashion modeling

Modeling for Parker James Boutique

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great day! So this weekend I had the amazing opportunity to model for Parker James a local boutique down here in the SW Suburbs of Chicago! It was so much fun! And not to mention the clothes, jewelry, and shoes there are so cute!! I for the life of me couldn’t decide which pictures to post so hers like 30 lol.



Okay so first off I am living for these thigh high boots!! I loved this dress paired with this necklace I thought it was perfect!



This is what I’ve been calling my Beyoncè dress. My sister also pointed out that it kind of looks like that one dress Jaclyn Hill recently wore. Either way it’s a beautiful dress!



This is a wrap dress! I love them, they are so easy, simple, and cute! You can always dress them up or down.



I LOVE this top! It was super soft and cozy!! And the pattern…CUTE! You can’t see the flats, but they were also super cute, a peachy color that matched perfectly.



Between this dress and the clutch I was obsessed!! I’m living for these floral fall prints! Oh and not to mention the cute bracelet!



This dress though!!!! And I am loving the bag!! The shoes are mine..and they go perfectly!



I went back and bought this dress to have for myself! It’s perfect for fall/winter! I might even wear it for thanksgiving!


Those are all the outfits! Check out the boutique here, and check out Derrick the photographer here! Let me know which outfit was your favorite!


♡Brianna Lynn

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