Vanity & Makeup Storage Tour

Hey everyone!

So before I jump into things I just wanted to give a little update! I posted about a month ago stating that I had been working on The Chicago Planner Conference. Sadly I had to step back from my position. It was causing too much stress and anxiety in my life. I missed blogging and posting cool makeup looks. It was affecting every aspect of my life. I’ve never quit anything in my life, just how I was raised, so this was really hard for me to do. But now I feel much better and less stressed!

I will be doing the “12 Days of Blogmas” this year, starting on December 14th! I have some really fun and exciting makeup looks and posts coming here this week and the following weeks. I have some HUGE announcements I will hopefully be able to announce soon! And so much more! Be sure you’re following me so you don’t miss a post!

So without further ado lets jump into the real reason you clicked onto my post, My Vanity  & Makeup Storage tour! I love watching and reading posts on makeup collection tours so I thought why not do one of my own? If you’d like to find out how I store all my makeup then keep on reading!


Here is an overview of my vanity area! I’ve had the same vanity since I was a little girl and I cannot quite remember where I got it from. The makeup storage I use in the IKEA ALEX 9 drawer. If you haven’t heard about this, you must be living under a rock, because everyone and their mother has one or talks about one. I have my mini Christmas tree next to my vanity! My Mirrors always tend to be a bit smudgy because I always write notes and lists with an expo. Also, Sally our Elf Wrote on my mirror last year with a liquid lip and I’ve just left it there! My chair is from PB Teen. Yes it’s a bit dirty, I’m a makeup artist what do you expect? haha! I’m not going to go too in-depth into these drawers, it’s nothing but extras, hair things, cards, pictures, and of course a candy drawer!


Here is the Left side of my vanity! The mirror is from Glam Cor and it’s the Riki Riki style.  No matter how many times I clean this mirror it’s always dirty. I have this super cute mini beanbag phone holder! I also keep this tray here. I normally just have my most used lashes in here, but at the moment I also have a golf ball, dirty beauty blender, a tee, and a cap. I keep my favorite perfume here as well! Miss Dior! As well as an EOS and an Aveda hand relief!


As for the middle section of the vanity, I have This mug that was my Great Grandmas and on top my Tiara from when I was one of the Flower Girls at my Uncles wedding! I keep my brushes In this DIY holder! I got the box from Michaels as well as the Glass square containers and the beads to hold the brushes up. These aren’t all my brushes, these are just the ones I use most often. And yes they are dirty, I didn’t want this to be 100% perfect. In the real world my personal brushes aren’t always clean, as I don’t have time to clean every single brush every single day. And then to my right I keep this vase full of ABH Lip Glosses! I have a rainbow loom my little sister made me around it!


Now for the last side of my vanity, starting from the left, I keep a mini spray bottle full of water, then this glass from my cousins wedding full of watermelon candies. Next to that I keep this cute succulent I got from my other cousins baby shower! I also have another EOS and this B I got from Home Goods! Next to all that I keep another vase full of smarties and then this jar of Jelly Beans from Dylans Candy Bar. And last but not least I keep these two Pearler bead coasters!


Underneath my vanity I keep my garbage can, and this container I got from the container store. In this container I keep extra brush cleaner, scissors, pens, retainer cases, can koozies, and this old butter container that I use to clean my brushes in!


Then on top of my makeup storage I have these two Audrey Hepburn prints and in between is the wand I got when we ate at Cinderella’s Castle. (If you didn’t already know Cinderella is my favorite princess!) Right below that I keep all my beauty books and on top of those I have this box I got when I became a Benefit Pro member! It’s just too cute not to display! I then keep my earring holder on top of this handkerchief my Great Grandma gave me. I keep my most used jewelry here on top. That’s why I have some necklaces, an anklet, and a choker there as well. The dish I keep bracelets in is from Home Goods I believe. I also keep my watch and my donut lip balm here too!

*I don’t keep everything in my drawers anymore as some things are in my kit. That’s why these drawers may seem a bit more empty*


This is technically the second drawer. The first is currently under construction, as it’s super messy! But this is my face drawer! I have my most used foundations, concealers, primers, powders, and all things face in here! Along with some samples of things to try out.


The third drawer is eyes and brows! In the back I keep extra lash curlers (Tarte). In front of that I keep all my brow products. Next to that I keep all my single shadows and liners! I then keep all my mascaras and most used liners and lip liners in the front! And some sharpeners and eye primers next to those!


In the back I keep all my other liners and lip liners, and even some more sharpeners. In the red bin I keep all my lip glosses, and in. the purple bin I keep all my lipsticks and liquid lipsticks! If anyone knows any better ways to store lip product leave a comment down below! I’m all ears!


This is my lash drawer! It’s pretty sad and empty at the moment. I’ve used most of them, It’s definitely time to place another big order! In the small basket I keep lash glue, mini mirrors, and any extra things I may need!


This is my Halloween Makeup drawer! This is drawer I keep all the spfx and theatrical makeup things, as well as all my extra lip balms ahah! This is definitely one of my favorite drawers!


This is the first of two drawers of my palettes. This is the more everyday drawer, the palettes I tend to reach for more on a daily basis! I keep all three of my Smashbox palettes, Violet Voss Holy Grail, Sephora Pro in Cool, J. Hill x Morphe, UD x Gwen Stefani, a Milk Makeup palette, a Z Palette I made, Dose Of Colors x Desi and Katy, Tartiest Pro, and a MUF Palette.


The second drawer is more colorful palettes! Most of which of BH Cosmetics and UD. However, there are a few random palettes in here as well! I have always loved working with color so I think this might be my favorite drawer!


The last and final drawer is all things nails! From press ons to polish to everything you may need. I’ve tried many times to organize this drawer and nothing seems to work.


That’s it! If you’ve made it this far be sure to comment what your favorite drawer in your collection is! I started out with one tiny drawer in my actual vanity, and I am so grateful and thankful for the makeup that I have today and the fact that I have turned my passion and dream into a reality!! Thank you guys so much for 130+ followers!


♡Brianna Lynn

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