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Blogmas Day 2: December BUJO Set Up

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday! Today has been a crazy day, and this weekend will be even crazier! No worries though I will have both posts up, no matter how late at night it is! I’m currently cozied up in bed watching cheesy Christmas movies with a bowl of fries. AHAHA!!

I have been using a planner for years and years! Last month I decided to try out Bullet Journaling. It’s a way to keep track of everything. I like it but I don’t think I can give up my Erin Condern Planner just yet. When I first bought it, I was at a lost on how to organize it and decorate it. I watched countless hours of videos on YouTube, as well as finding Instagram accounts. I thought it would be cool to share how I’ve decided to decorate my BUJO for December! So without further ado if you’d like to find out how I’ve decorated my BUJO this month keep on reading!

*Keep in mind I’m a beginner to BUJOs so my spreads, and handwriting styles may not be perfect. I tried new spreads and letterings this month.*


The Front Page:

This month I took a piece a card stock and some watercolors and created this pretty Hello December piece. The Christmas trees and snowman make it feel so Christmasy and Wintery!


Monthly Overview:

I decided to do a two page spread this month. I like having more space to write events and things in. on the side bar I keep track of my Instagram and Blog followers and milestones I reach in that month. Down below I just wrote out December 2017 on snow and surrounded it with presents.



On the left page I decided to create a mood board. I didn’t do a habit tracker this month, and I thought this was a cute idea. I used three different colors of card stock and then printed some pictures off of google. I love the way it turned out! On the right page I did a mood tracker. This was important for me to keep in. I decided to make a “tree” and I stung some lights, which every other one I made a day. I created a color guide as to what mood I was feeling. I love this fun and festive way of doing it!


Gift Ideas & Expense Trackers:

I decided to put these two pages next to each other, I thought it was fitting! ahaha! I decorated this page with some washing on the top and wrote in red & green markers! On the right page I just did a normal expense tracker. I normally go through halfway through the month, and then at the end and write everything in.


Organized Brain Dump:

The left side is a brain dump page. And the right is a To-Do List page. To take all my messy thoughts and then organize them into a To-Do List! I wasn’t sure how I felt about using a Brian dump at first, but I love it now!

BUJO.brian dump

Blogmas & Even More To-Dos:

I have the Blogmas schedule on the left! I didn’t include a picture because that’s a surprise of course! Then to the right is what I’m calling “Shit that needs to get done” page. It’s kind of like the To-Do page, but it’s more of things that I’ve been meaning to do forever but I chose to watch Netflix, kind of list.


Doodle & Quotes:

I decided to make a Christmas Doodles page this month! I love this idea, it’s so cute and festive! The Gingerbread man looks a little sick, but that’s okay! Of course I had to include quotes somehow! I just added Christmas to the title. I’m adding in little Christmas quotes here and there!


T.V. Shows & A Secret:

On the left page I am tracking the current show I’m binging! Nashville! Turns out there’s another season coming in January, so I won’t be completely finishing the series. I’m actually a lot further, I’m in season 4, but I’ve missed placed the marker. haha! The next page I’m keeping a secret for just a bit longer!


The First Week:

I decorated This page with this pretty Blue Washi Tape! I decided to go with the horizontal layout this week. Then on the next page I made four boxes for, goals, a weekly quote, next week, and a dream log. I’m a dreamer and I almost always remember my dreams so I like to keep track of them.



I’m sorry I couldn’t get this post up last night. It was about 1am by the time I finished it, and I had to be up early. So I just decided that I would upload this one right away in the morning. Todays post will be up in a little bit!

Let me now if any of you use a planner, and what kind?!


♡Brianna Lynn

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