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Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Time In Chicago! Collab w/ Siyana!

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday! I got about two hours of sleep last night, and somehow I haven’t passed out yet. It’s weird..I’ve been wide awake since about 1:30 lol! So please excuse any mistakes if they appear in this post!

Another day, another collab! I’m so excited to be collaborating with the lovely Siyana again!! I’m so thankful for my blogger friends, they are so amazing! Today we wanted to share what Christmas Time was like on opposite sides of the world! As you may know I am in Chicago, and Siyana is in  Glasgow. She decided that Glasgow isn’t the most entertaining when it comes to Christmas decor so she gave us a tour of Edinburgh! If you’d like to find out what Chicago is like during the holiday season then keep on reading!


My two besties came to spend the day downtown with me! Mia (on the left) and Hannah (on the right). Hannah is home from Bama for Christmas break, and I was excited to see her to say the least.


We took the train in, it was about an hours time. We walked about 2 miles (30 minutes) from the station to Grand Lux Cafe on Michigan Ave. I had totally forgot it was Sunday Brunch so we had about a 20 minute wait, which isn’t bad at all! We decided to pre-eat before we actually eat! LOL aka have an appetizer. We decided to get a “side” of fries!! I put that in quotations because it was a lot of fries to be considered a side. They were gone in about five minutes flat. Along with the bread they gave us. Then came the real meal…I got pasta with marinara sauce, Hannah got the adult chicken tenders with fries, and Mia got the Mac & cheese skillet (My fave!! If I could have cheese still I would’ve got two). I highly recommend Grand Lux if you haven’t been there before!


Then we walked about another mile (16 minutes) back over the bridge to Millennium park! We took a quick pit stop at Garretts Popcorn! The BEST popcorn in the city of Chicago!! Millennium park this time of year is beautiful! We took pictures with the tree first!



Then went walked over to the bean! A Chicago Classic! It was Hannah’s first time at the bean ever! I cannot believe she’s never been to the bean ever!! We made her walk under it, while looking up! ahaha!


You can also Ice Skate Under the bean or in Maggie Daly park! We didn’t walk over to Maggie Daly, but we walked over to the Ice Rink and I snapped a picture for you guys!


Then here are a few pictures I snapped of the city on the walk back to the train station! We decided to take the earlier train home, because we were all super tired. All of us passed out on the train! I wish I had a picture of it because, I’m sure it was funny!


Thats all for my Christmas Time in Chicago post!! Be sure to head over to Siyana’s post to see what Edinburgh is like this time of year! I’ll leave a link to her post here! I’ll see you guys tomorrow for Blogmas day 7!


♡Brianna Lynn

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