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Blogmas Day 7: Christmas Room Decor

Hey everyone!

Happy Wednesday! I cannot believe there are only five more days until it’s Christmas!! I cannot wait! I got my hair done today! If you’re following my Instagram be sure to keep an eye out for the reveal tomorrow! Also, the big secret I’ve been keeping..I will be revealing it very soon! I cannot wait to share with all of you this huge, exciting news! I’m sorry this post is going up a bit late, I haven’t been home all day. I decided to take these pictures at night because I think my room looks so cozy at night!

Today I thought I would share with all of you how I decorated my room for Christmas this year! I didn’t go too overboard this year, just simple but still cute! I normally put my colorful Christmas lights, but I decided to just keep up my white lights year round. I decided to take these pictures at night because I think my room looks so cozy at night! If you’d like to find out all of the room decor I used to decorate for Christmas then keep on reading!



The first piece are these super cute cat ears that have jingle bells on them! I wear them whenever I do my makeup are if I need to get my hair out of my face, but I don’t want to put it all the way up! Peep my Ritz Cracker box in the reflection ahahaha!!


Next, I have my bed! I got this super cute pillow back in early November at a Nordstroms Rack downtown. I couldn’t pass it up! The two other pillows I’ve had forever and I honestly cannot remember where they’re from. I also keep a ton of extra blankets on my bed. My room is basically Antartica in the Winter time, and I always end up using them at some point.


Next to my Vanity and Bed I keep my Sensi pot and this fun light up Hashtag! I cannot for the life of me ever get this candle holder clean..the wax will not come off. If anyone knows anything please let me know!! I got the Hashtag at Michaels on sale a few months back! (I also know my walls have a few random spots, I also have no idea how those got there or how to get those off).


Next up, the top of my Armoire! I added these fairy lights on top of these signs I got at Target. They used to light up, but you have to charge them and I just got tired of charging them all the time. So I left them up still, because they are so cute and motivational! I added my believe sign in the center!


In between my Bed and Armoire is my nightstand. Nothing changed on top of here, but above on my shelf I added this cute Pink tree! I believe I got it from either Home Goods or Target. I’ve moved this between my vanity and here the past few years, but I decided to keep it here again this year!


And last but not least, my tree! We all have mini Christmas trees in our room with some of our ornaments on it! The rest are on out big tree! The Ballerina on the ground actually spins, however she seems to of fallen off her hook, and I cannot find where it was. I also have a mini present under the tree as well. It used to light up, but last year it stopped. I put one of the many buttons I got from visiting Santa on it! Next to that I have a St. Nick ornament. The little girls I babysit gave it to me, I wanted it in my room so I placed it here!

That’s it for day 7! I hope you all enjoyed it! Let me know if you have a mini tree in your room too! I’ll see you all soon for day 8!


♡Brianna Lynn

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