Blogmas Day 8: My top 12 Go-To Christmas Time Lip Products

Hey everyone!

It’s the last baby Friday before Christmas!! I’m so excited words can’t even explain! If you can’t tell by now Christmas is my favorite time of the year! If you read yesterdays post then you’ll know I chopped my hair off! I’m so happy I did it again, and I’ll definitely be posting some fun hairstyles for short hair later on. If you’re not following me on Instagram you definitely should be! I’ll link it in here.

Now onto the real reason you clicked on my post. Today I’ll be sharing with you my top 12 favorite products! It was so hard to narrow it down to do 12 lips, I so badly wanted to add in an extra like 12, ahaha! I’ve been wearing all of these all of December. To be honest I’ll probably be wearing them all Winter! So then without further ado if you’d like to find out what 12 lip products are my favorite this time of year them keep on reading!



The first one is actually two! They are both Chanel one is a lip stick and the other is a lip gloss. The lip stick is in the shade 93- Intime, and the Gloss is in the shade Super Nude.


Next up is a liquid lip! This is Too Faced in Cool Girl! If you’ve been following me for a while now, you’ve probably seen me where this color a lot! As I tent to wear it all the time!


Next up is this super pretty mauve liquid lip! It’s Patina from Stila. This is a new one to my collection, but I’ve been loving it!


Pinky Cranberry colors are some of my favorite for this time of year! This is a NYX Soft Matte Cream. Sadly the color sticker came off and I cannot figure out which one this is. However, I will tell you that it looked like a dark red in the tube.


Another Pinky Cranberry color! This lip stick is from NARS and it is in the color Fanny! I wear this color year round, but more so around this time of year. I know this one looks identical to the NYX one but I thought I would give you guys a cheaper alt.


This is a liquid lip from NYX. I don’t have the name of the color, just that it is in the shade 12.


This is Stila’s lip stick in Sonya! It is such a beautiful color!


Ah! Sorry for the blurry pic! This is a lip stick from Marc Jacobs! It is in the shade Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I know I’ve either worn or talked about this color before! It’s honestly perfect for any time of year!


I love this gloss!! This is Buxom’s lip gloss in Brianna! Yes, I did buy it just because it is my name.


This is a new one, and I’m in love with it!! This is Huda Beauty’s liquid lip in the shade Show Girl! It’s a metallic one. I might even wear this one to work tomorrow.


This is a metallic lip gloss from Bite Beauty! It is in the shade Rose Pearl! I couldn’t pass it up when I saw it in the store. It was definitely an impulse buy.


And last but not least, is Bobbi Browns lip stick in Sandwich Pink. I am a sucker for pinky nudes! I have way too many!

Did you notice the theme with all these lip colors? Almost every single one has a pink undertone, or is pink. I’ll see you all tomorrow for another fun post!


♡Brianna Lynn

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