7 Things I learned in 2017

Hey everyone!

Happy baby Friday!! I know it has been a minute since I last chatted with you all. I never uploaded the last two days of Blogmas because I was going to combine them into an “What I got for Christmas 2017”. I ended up not feeling comfortable posting that. I decided to take my Winter break a bit earlier, and spent the last few weeks with family and friends. However, I am back now! Starting next week I will have a new posting schedule. I’ve posted it to my home page, if you are wandering what days I’ll be posting on.

Remember that big announcement I said I had? Well I will finally be announcing it to you all on Monday! If you follow me on Instagram then you already know my big announcement as I posted about it on Christmas Day! I have some other fun things I cannot wait to share with you all, so be sure you are following me so you don’t miss a post!

Today I thought I would share with you all 7 of the biggest lessons I learned in 2017. When I was originally writing down the list of things, it ended up being 13 lessons. I quickly realized that some went hand in hand. So I combined those few and was left with 7! So without further ado, if you’d like to find out what 7 lessons I learned in 2017 were then keep one reading!

The 7 Lessons:

1. It’s okay to say no!

➝Whatever it is that you are afraid to say no about, don’t be! It’s totally okay to say no! I always hated saying no to anything especially a job. But I learned that if you don’t feel comfortable working with that person or being around them then don’t give in. If there is a boy/girl that likes you, but you don’t, don’t go along with it. Just tell them the truth, trust me their feeling won’t be as hurt, as to if you went along with it for months. As basic as it is, don’t give into something that everyone else is doing if you aren’t comfortable with it. If you don’t feel comfortable going to the party, it is okay to say no and just stay home and binge Netflix.

2.Cut toxic people out of your life!

➝A year ago I was really struggling with my driving anxiety/panic. I would text my “best friend” in hopes that I could rant about my problems and what was bothering me. However, I quickly learned that she didn’t understand my anxiety. Last year, this time I wasn’t driving at all, she didn’t understand why I just couldn’t get in the car and drive. She would say things like “get over it” and “quit complaining about the same things, I’m so sick of hearing you complain all the time”. But she didn’t understand what was going on, and she didn’t know how hard I was working to be okay when I drive. Eventually she said some things that were unforgivable and I quickly realized she was a toxic friend and I cut her out. I blocked her number and unfollowed/blocked her on every social platform. Since cutting her out of my life, I’ve become a lot more confident and I’m able to drive with absolutely no problems!

3. Organization is key!

➝Being organized is so helpful in every aspect! When you’re organized you feel as though you can take on the world. Or at least that’s how I feel lol! I’ve always been someone who is very organized. This past year I really got into organizing, I swear I changed my closets organization like 5 times. I’m also an avid planner, and having my life organized is so helpful! I create to-do lists and write down everything that needs to be done that day/week/month and I don’t have to worry about forgetting about it. As silly as it sounds if my room is not clean or organized I cannot focus to get anything done. I will clean and organize my room before I do anything. That’s why some (most) of my blog posts went up late last year. I couldn’t focus until everything was put away.

4. It’s okay to ask for help!

➝Whatever it is that you are struggling with/in, it is OKAY to ask for help! Please don’t be afraid to ask for help! This one in a way goes along with it being okay to say no. don’t let your self sit there and struggle with that hard math problem you just can’t seem to figure out. Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t understand something at your new job, or at school, or at home. If you’re struggling with a mental illness it is more than okay to ask for help. Find someone you feel comfortable talking to, weather that be a parent, a sibling, a friend, a grandparent, a complete stranger, anyone. I used to think people would judge me for the things I would ask for help on, especially in school, and I quickly learned that those people I thought were going to judge me were thankful I said something because they had no idea what was going on either.

5. You’re health is most important!

➝No matter what anyone tells you your health should always be your number one priority. I ran into a few health problems in 2017. My anxiety struggles being one of them. And learning that I was Lactose intolerant was the other. I had to go three weeks absolutely no dairy (hardest three weeks of my life). I couldn’t figure out for the longest time why my stomach hurt every time after I had milk, or why my throat itched after eating cheese. Or why I suddenly got sick after eating pizza, my favorite food ever! I made the appointment with my doctor and that’s when I found out I was lactose. I still don’t really eat anything with dairy in it. I now have to eat vegan butter and lactose free milk. Basically I learned to always put yourself and your health first. I’m so sad I can’t have pizza anymore, but I’m also so happy I’m not bloated all the time, and I’m not sick every time I eat!

6. Quitting doesn’t mean you’re weak!

➝As some of you may know, I posted a couple of months ago saying that I was apart of the Chicago Planner Conference. I was in charge of half marketing and all Social Medias. It got to be too much on me. I was very very anxious, I wasn’t blogging, or doing any fun makeup looks. I talked it over with my mom and dad, and I decided to tell the rest of the ladies that I had to step back. Luckily they were very understanding! They understood that my health came first. I still talk to them from time to time. I was raised to never quit anything. You started something, now you have to finish it no matter how much you don’t want to anymore. It was a very hard decision for me to make, because I didn’t want to be a quitter, I didn’t want people to think that I was weak. I learned that people quitting the dance team because you don’t want to do it anymore, and quitting a committee because it was compromising your health are two completely different things. And this time quitting didn’t mean I was bored or weak.

7. Do more of what you love!

➝In 2017 I stopped doing things to please other people, and starting doing more of what I love! And I will continue doing this in 2018! I started to read more, and even though I’ve never been much of a reader, I found a new love for it. I stopped trying to keep up with all the crazy makeup trends and just did my makeup the way I love it, not the way others love it. I worked a lot more weddings, which was so much fun! I planned a ton, and even became one of those crazy planners with tons of washi and stickers. I started working at this amazing spa! I don’t understand how people could stand to work somewhere they hate, because my co-workers have become my second family, and for that I love going to work! I started my blogging journey, and couldn’t be more happier! In 2018, stop letting yourself only do things for the approval of others, do more of what you love to do!!


I hope that my stories and explanations make as much sense to me as they do to you! What was the biggest lesson you learned in 2017? Let me know in the comments. Have a great night and I will see you all tomorrow!


♡Brianna Lynn

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