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Plan With Me: Erin Condren Vertical

Hey everyone!

Happy Tuesday! Remember yesterday when I said Tuesdays are my Mondays..well that couldn’t be more true today. It was a sluggish kind of day. I’m totally not going to lie, I also binged a few more classics. I watched a few Scooby-Doos, The Hannah Montana Movie, The Notebook, and a few others I cannot remember. As you can tell I didn’t have to work today, which I normally do. I also took the time off to do some research for my upcoming projects!!

So for todays post I decided to do a Plan With Me! I love watching and reading about how others plan! I’ve been an avid planner since I was younger, and we had to use them in school. However, the difference between then and now, is that I use a lot of washi, stickers, and colorful markers and pens. For this years planner I decided to go with the Erin Condren Life Planner in the vertical layout. I originally started out using the horizontal layout in school, which was perfect for me to separate the classes and their homework. Last year I used the Hourly because I was in school and work. I loved it for that, but I finally decided to see what all the hype was about and I got the Vertical layout. So far I love it! And I love decorating it as well! So If you would like to see how I plan then keep on reading!

Plan With Me!

So for this weeks theme I decided to go with this Tiffany Blue, Navy Blue, and a lavender like color! I wanted to use calming colors and sayings this week. I’ve been having a rough time with my anxiety this past week. It’s just the Winter Blues, as my mom calls it. So I wanted to remind myself that I was going to be okay, and that I can!

First things first I get all my supplies out! Fair warning I have a lot of stuff haha!

I then go on to pick out the stickers I want to use. Like I said this week I went for a more calming theme. (Yes, I know my desk is kind of messy. My sister drew on it a while back with permanent marker.)

I then went on to apply the bottom washi and I decided to do a top to this week. I layered the two blues down below, and placed a skinny piece of washi along the top.

After that is down, I then go on to place the washi down all over the page in random spots. I also placed down the weekend banner.

And now it is time to decorate! My favorite part!! This is the “before the pen” Picture.


And now for the “after the pen”! I love the way this week turned out! I did leave some blank spaces for me to fill out throughout the week.



That’s it for todays post! I hope you guys enjoyed it! If you plan like this let me know in the comments below! I will talk to you all on Thursday when I have a makeup look to share!


♡Brianna Lynn

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