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Photo Shoot: The Yard

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all having a good Saturday! I spent the day doing absolutely nothing! A perfect way to spend my day off! I’ve just been having a lazy day in my pjs, binging Criminal Minds. If you’re looking for a good show to start binging I highly recommend Criminal Minds!! It’s so good!! But I’m also watching Nashville too, I’m about a season and a half away from being caught up to real time. Basically what I’m saying is that I have way too free time on my hands. I’ve been thinking of doing an updated skin care routine. If you want to see that like this post and comment down below so I know!

So I know that I promised you all another makeup post tonight. However, I finally got the pictures back from a shoot I did back in August. My cousin Makayla, My sister Grace, and I were the models! It was about 90 degrees, the words hot, sweaty, and dusty don’t even begin to explain how we felt that day, but we didn’t show it! I am so excited and happy to finally be sharing these pictures with you all!! If you’d like to see the looks and find out the details then keep on reading!!


Hair: Caryn VanDerBilt – Instagram: @carynvanderbilthair

Makeup: Molly Gonzalez – Instagram: @mollyeileenmakeup

Photography: Sara Keefe – Instagram: @sarakeefephoto

Makayla – Instagram: @makayladorey

Grace – Instagram: @grace.otto

Brianna – Instagram:


Look #1:

Look #2:


Look #1:

Look #2:


Look #1:

Look #2:

Look #3:


Look #1:

Look #2:

A huge thank you to Caryn, Molly, and Sara!! This was so much fun!!

♡Brianna Lynn

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