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Travel Diary: Vancouver April 2018

Hey everyone!

Happy Hump Day!! This post is so long overdue! I cannot wait to do a moving series! I’m so happy to be back blogging! I have so many fun ideas for this blog to come!

As some of you may know, I am moving to Vancouver, BC come August to attend my dream Makeup school! The last week on April my parents and I went up to Vancouver to check it all out, meet my roomie, and apartment hunt. I tried to take as many pictures as possible, but honestly these pictures just don’t do its justice. Vancouver is such a beautiful city, and if you ever have the chance to visit I highly suggest it!! I had such an amazing trip and I’m so excited to share it with you all!


Day 1: Tuesday, April 24th

We had an early morning flight out. We flew out to Seattle and then took the drive up to Vancouver. The drive was beautiful, and if you have the time to drive up I highly recommend it! Going through border control to get into Canada wasn’t longer than a Half an hour. Once we crossed over the boarder I got a phone call and my phone froze and I couldn’t answer it. We triple checked with our phone provider that we wouldn’t have any problems while in Canada. First impressions of the city: absoultely stunning!! The moutains and the water and the city all in one place! We stayed at The Westin Bayshore. I loved this hotel! We had a view of Stanley Park, the harbour, and along with the moutains! Once we got settled my dad and I walked down to the Apple store to get my phone fixed. Luckily the guy did some fancy thing and fixed it!  My dad and I took the longer way back to the hotel and walked along side of the harbor. The walk was beautiful and we got to see Sea Planes and house boats. Both which I have never seen in person before, it was pretty cool. After we got back we ordered room service and passed out from a long day of traveling.

Day 2: Wednesday, April 25th

We had an early morning! We had a tour scheduled at the school at 9am. My dad and I were already awake because of the two hour time change; and we’re pretty early risers anyways. Seeing the school was really cool! I’m even more excited to start in the fall! After the tour we headed over to pick up my roomie Angelina. I didn’t read the address/map correct so we ending up over on the north side, when in fact we were like five blocks away from her back at school. My parents laughed about it the whole weekend. My roomie is so sweet and nice! I am so excited for all the fun adventures we’ll have together over the next year! We then headed into Yaletown, where I had a job interview. After the interview I met back up with my parents and Angelina and we headed to lunch. We went to Yaletown Distillery Bar + kitchen! It was so so good! I ordered my first legal drink (Which not going to lie was so cool!!).  I got a Vodka and cranberry with a splash of lime and to eat I had Mac & Cheese (which was so good , but I payed for it later. Being lactose isn’t fun.) After lunch we headed over to an apartment showing; which I yet again read the map wrong for and we ended up on the wrong side.  We made it on time but no agent to be found. After half an hour of trying to get ahold of someone, I was told the place had sold the other day. No one contacted me to let me know. We then went to the second showing where we met Roz from Monsters, INC. Not really, she was just a real estate agent who sounded just like Roz. We went up to the apartment and she kept knocking on the door, and all you could hear were these two Chihuahua’s going crazy!! Eventually Roz opened the door and this grandma was hiding from her and the apartment was a disaster. Once we walked in to view it we noticed there was a little girl about 1 1/2-2 passed out in the bedroom. It was a weird experience.

Day 3: Thursday, April 26th

My last full day! I had lined up a couple of showings for today. We saw this one place and it was so nice, clean, and a great location. And then the next two were a disaster. The first place we attempted to see we sat for an hour, calling the realtor only for her to call us two hours later and say she didn’t have us on the schedule at all. And “that wouldn’t be the right place for us”. The second place didn’t exist. Literally. We called them back and forth for an hour while they sent us to five different properties, all not the right one. We ended up not seeing any properties and I was so upset with the relators. In between the first and second one we had a gap so Angelina and I went shopping and out to lunch. We went to Nordstrom’s and got matching sweatshirts from I believe the Brunette line! Super cute and soft!! We then headed out for lunch and went to The Italian Kitchen. SO GOOD. We pretty much got the same thing haha! We both got plain pasta but I added chicken in mine. We both got peach Bellinis which we realized we weren’t the biggest fans of. Then we met back up with my parents and attempted to see the last two. After a long and semi-stressful day we headed back to the hotel and had drinks and fries in the lobby. I had a Vodka Lemonade. Angelina had a whisky on the rocks and then a Hot Toddy. She had a cold she was trying to get rid of. (She said she felt a lot better the next day! So the rumors are true it works!) Also, the fries were delish! There was a live musician named Rob Eller! You all should check him out because he was amazing! And sang like all my favorites. My parents joined us later on for more drinks and more fries!

Day 4: Friday, April 27th

Angelina and I wore our matching sweatshirts today! They are seriously so comfy! My dad had set up one last showing for us. It was a bit sketchy. After we went and picked up Angelina’s boyfriend from the Train station and went out to lunch. I was told that MeeT in Gastown was amazing. In my opinion it was a little bit over hyped. But I still recommend it if you’re vegan!  We stopped at the steam clock like classic tourists! And then dropped Angelina and her boyfriend off at Science World. (I hope it’s as cool as it sounds! Can’t wait to check it out in August!) My parents and I went to Stanley Park and walked around for a bit. The totem poles and The Sea Wall is as beautiful as people say! We got so many beautiful pictures. We then drove around it for a bit. And when we got out we were trying to head back to Seattle. But we got stuck in gridlocked traffic. We then waited at border control for another 2 hours!! They only had two lanes open. I fell asleep in the car and we got to the hotel late.

Day 5: Saturday, April 28th

My dad and I, the morning people we are, got up kind of early and got a delicious pancake breakfast downstairs. We then packed everything up and headed back to the airport. The flight home was okay. We got back later on in the evening and I was tired.

It was such a fun trip! I can’t believe I’ll get to call Vancouver home in just 50 days! If you can’t tell, I’m beyond excited!


♡Brianna Lynn

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