Where Have I been??

Hey everyone!

I apologize for my absence on here and on Instagram. The past few months have been crazy busy for me, and I found it hard to keep up. From about late March through Late April/Early May I was working full time. Which was very hard for me, because I had never had a full time job before. I wasn’t sure how to handle and separate work life from personal life. Luckily in May we started hiring new people and I was able to go back down to normal hours. But then starts my busy season, Wedding Season. I have had a wedding every single Saturday since the start of May. I love doing weddings! I only have one more week left of work. I decided to be done a month before I was actually supposed to be done. I decided this because I wanted time to spend with my family and go on mini vacays before I leave.

The last week if April my parents and I went to visit Vancouver, BC. As some of you may know I will be moving there shortly to attend school. Vancouver is such an amazing city and I cannot wait to move! I have had a travel diary post written, or mostly written, for the past month or two. I am finally going to post it today! It’ll be up at 4pm CT.

As for the future of my blog, you may have noticed it’s a bit different. I’m in the process of re-doing it to make it more me. There are still some details I am in the process of fixing, so bear with me while I fix them. I am going to be posting 1-2 times a week, either at 10am or 4pm CT. I haven’t decided what days, and they might just be random days and not a set schedule. I am thinking of doing a moving series on here. Let me know what type of moving posts you’d like to see. I’m going to be doing more makeup, hair, fashion, and lifestyle type posts! If you have any ideas or looks you’d like me to do let me know! A while back I posted an inside look to my freelance makeup kit, I’m going to be bringing that series back and giving you guys a full look inside my kit!

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♡Brianna Lynn

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